From the thinkRF website:

thinkRF is one of the proud affiliates of the Wesley Clover International, a serial super angel, found or fund over 100 successful Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) companies, either independently or in partnership with other investors. The portfolio currently consists of public and private firms focused on next-generation Cloud and SaaS applications, hardware and services for fixed/mobile communications, video collaboration, customer engagement, analytics and more.

We are revolutionizing spectrum monitoring and intelligence. We provide ultimate visibility to wireless network operators and national regulatory agencies and empower them to optimize and utilize RF spectrum. We not only provide real-time, but also historical data and insights to guide wireless network operators in making informed decisions about their spectrum policies.

Aira Technologies

From the Aira Technologies website:

Aira is fundamentally re-imagining the Radio Access Network (RAN) stack, by embedding AI into every layer to deliver the required performance improvements in a sustainable manner. By using AI, Aira is able to make networks intelligent and self-evolving and ensure that wireless resources are used as efficiently as possible.


From the Qualcomm website:

Qualcomm is enabling a world where everyone and everything can be intelligently connected. You interact with products and technologies made possible by Qualcomm every day, including 5G-enabled smartphones that double as pro-level cameras and gaming devices, smarter vehicles and cities, and the technology behind the smart, connected factories that manufactured your latest purchase. Our powerful connectivity solutions keep you connected—even in remote areas. Qualcomm 5G and AI innovations are the power behind the connected intelligent edge. You’ll find our technologies behind and inside the innovations that deliver significant value across multiple industries and to billions of people every day.

GIRD Systems Inc.

From GIRD Systems Inc. website:

GIRD’s mission is to provide the latest digital signal processing algorithms, techniques and solutions that enable our customers to reduce development times and increase wireless communication systems’ performance. Our solutions are implemented as either turn-key hardware implementations or reusable firmware IP blocks which are available in formats supporting a variety of hardware processing devices utilized by the industry. GIRD strives to become a leading developer of custom digital signal processing solutions for both the commercial and military markets.