SpectrumX Announces Formal Collaboration with Qualcomm

SpectrumX has formalized the creation of the SpectrumX Collaboration Advisory Board (CAB). One of the first two organizations to formalize CAB Membership Agreements is Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a company that is committed to “enabling a world where everyone and everything can be intelligently connected.”

SpectrumX announces formal partnership with GIRD Systems, Inc.

In June 2023, SpectrumX formalized the formation of the SpectrumX Collaboration Advisory Board (CAB). Among the first two organizations to formalize CAB Membership Agreements is GIRD Systems, Inc.

GIRD Systems, Inc. is a developer of customer digital signal processing solutions, that specializes in both the commercial and military market. Its mission “is to provide the latest digital signal processing algorithms, techniques and solutions that enable our customers to reduce development times and increase wireless communication systems’ performance.”

SpectrumX holds Center Meeting, movie screening, poster session at National Science Foundation’s first Spectrum Week event

Throughout the National Science Foundation (NSF) Spectrum Week event at the end of April, three centers funded by NSF Spectrum Innovation Initiative grants came together to hold meetings and events in the collaborative environment. The opportunity to organize the event was driven by SpectrumX, an NSF Spectrum Innovation Center and the world’s largest academic hub for spectrum innovation. The multi-institutional and multidisciplinary center used the opportunity to meet with other SII funded centers, join discussions and sessions, and include students in these forward-thinking conversations.