Graduate Student Opportunities

SpectrumX is pleased to be able to offer educational opportunities for graduate students. With 27 member institutions, including 14 Minority Serving Institutions, SpectrumX is committed to educating, developing. ,and sustaining a large and diverse workforce through public awareness, graduate coursework, and interdisciplinary graduate research/

Opportunities may include:

Interdisciplinary graduate and post-doctoral research

Networking for internships and career opportunities across industry, government and academia.

To learn more, please fill out our Get Involved form, and someone from the Center will reach out to you:

Graduate students have opportunities to work closely with the Centers faculty members. Read below about how previous students have worked and learned with the SpectrumX:

Learn more from SpectrumX Center Director, Dr. Nick Laneman, in his presentation: “Career Opportunities in Radio Spectrum Innovation”