Postdoctoral Fellow Positions with SpectrumX and Participating Institutions

The participating institutions of SpectrumX invite applicants for Postdoctoral Fellow positions that start as early as January 1, 2023. 

Funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), SpectrumX is the world’s largest academic hub where all radio spectrum stakeholders innovate, collaborate, and contribute to maximize the social welfare derived from this precious resource.  SpectrumX supports early-career researchers interested in interdisciplinary collaborations focusing on innovative solutions to pressing technological, economic, and/or policy challenges.  Fellows will be hosted by a participating institution (see list below) to work with one or several investigators to establish a research plan.

We are especially interested in receiving applications from members of groups that have been historically underrepresented within related fields. Candidates must have research experience and a strong background in at least one of the following areas: data analytics, data toolchain platform, high-frequency devices and circuits, machine learning, signal processing, wireless networks, and spectrum allocation and resource management. Candidates interested in curriculum development, outreach, or with additional expertise in blockchain, data management, economics, and spectrum policy will be given special consideration.

The application package must include a cover letter, CV, and up to three representative papers. The cover letter must:

  • include names and contact information of at least three references,
  • identify the candidate’s areas of core interest among the following categories related to spectrum use along with preferred advisor(s) and host institution(s):
    • Radio and network technologies (Notre Dame, Olin College, NYU, Northwestern, SUNY-Albany, UCLA, CU-Boulder)
    • Active and passive sensing (MIT-Haystack Observatory, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, CU-Boulder, UCLA, UPRM, UVA)
    • Data science and machine learning (UCLA, Northwestern, Stanford, SUNY-Albany, UVA)
    • Distributed software systems and networking (UC Berkeley, Stanford)
    • Economics and policy (Clemson, Northwestern, University of Pittsburgh)

Submit your application package here:

Please email your application materials to The application package will be reviewed by relevant SpectrumX investigator(s), and transferred to the hosting institution for further review and processing. Hiring decisions will be made by interested SpectrumX investigators with Fellows ultimately hired by the respective host institutions (not directly by SpectrumX).