The SpectrumX strategic vision and research plan is informed by use-inspired and application-inspired research driven by current and emerging spectrum conflicts. SpectrumX seeks to avoid duplication of research effort, focusing on strategic, integrative flagship projects, and adapting the research agenda to identify and recruit additional expertise, facilities and testbeds. We aim to promote exchange and leverage opportunities.

Key spectrum management and coexistence challenges exist in commercial and public good use cases, separate research and development communities, limited spectrum data, and global competitiveness.

SpectrumX addresses these inherently complex and interdisciplinary challenges through the formation of four Research Working Groups (RWGs): Use Cases & Coexistence, Radio & Network Technologies, Data & Machine Learning, and Economics & Policy. These RWGs are responsible for engaging with stakeholders, tracking the state of the art, identifying key technical challenges and studies, and forming Project Teams (PTs) to define research projects.

SpectrumX will pursue its initial research strategy in: scientific receiver hardware with interference measurement and mitigation capabilities; instrumentation of the radio spectrum in terms of advanced sensing networks; collecting and sharing accurate regulatory, usage, and economic data; flexible use rights that align incentives with efficient outcomes; and distributed, data-rich, and cloud-ready system designs and regulatory policies for more efficient spectrum management and utilization. The Center enables a convergent research team with deep integration across disciplines designed to solve these complex, vexing research problems.