SpectrumX’s vision is for a large, diverse, and globally-engaged workforce to support industries and scientific endeavors of the future that rely upon the radio spectrum. Our strategy tightly couples education and workforce development with broadening participation to:

  • Build a comprehensive spectrum education community in partnership with NRAO’s RADIAL program;
  • Develop online curriculum to engage students from middle school through graduate studies; and,
  • Invest in the recruitment, training and retention of cohorts of under-represented minorities, women, persons with disabilities and veterans.

Our plan leverages the collective capacity and best-practices of our partner institutions to create on-ramps, pathways and off-ramps for students, workers and the general public to embark on a journey into spectrum at any point from Grade 6 onward. These activities will be managed by the Education and Workforce Development Working Group (EWD WG). For more information, please contact Anja Fourie, EWD Director.