Collaboration Advisory Board


SpectrumX makes it easy to access our broad and diverse community through an affordable consortium model for industry and government agencies. 

As a Collaboration Advisory Board (CAB) member, you and your colleagues will have the opportunity to  influence center strategies and research directions; participate in and/or contribute to specific projects relevant to them; obtain early access to project results; gain access to highly skilled talent (students and faculty); and work with SpectrumX participants directly to apply the Center’s research outcomes to further develop and implement solutions (e.g., products, services, methodologies, and policies) that solve real-world spectrum-related problems.


Present challenges and industry needs to the SpectrumX community.Collaborate on projects that are carried out with the use of SpectrumX’s pooled resources.Engage subject matter expertise from multiple universities through a single interface.
Suggest research and educational projects for center consideration.Rapidly create proprietary sponsored projects for individual companies or corporate partnerships.Recruit highly skilled SpectrumX students.
Provide feedback on center roadmaps and project reports.Send researchers to SpectrumX facilities to observe and receive presentations on projects, as well as broad capabilities.Utilize labs and testing facilities.
Vote to prioritize future non-propriety center projects.Invite SpectrumX researchers and students to your facilities for collaboration, knowledge transfer, and new product development. Private review of SpectrumX interim and annual reports as well as Resource Library.
Contribute to SpectrumX’s governance.Participate in SpectrumX meetings and events through attendance, as well as recorded presentations.Stay informed through our Center newsletter and news items.

Our CAB members enjoy participation in virtual biweekly Research Project Team meetings, virtual monthly Center Working Group meetings, and in-person semi-annual Full Center Meetings typically hosted on a campus of one of our academic member institutions. CAB members regularly interact with academic researchers, students, and other CAB members. They also receive invitations to our RadioShop Chat seminar series, Center newsletters, and periodic reporting.

Resource Contributions

Tiered membership fee model based upon an organization’s revenues:
– $100 for annual revenues less than $10M
– $10,000 for annual revenues of $10-100M
– $25,000 for annual revenues greater than $100M
In-kind contributions (products, services, software, and applications) can be considered in lieu of cash contributions on a case-by-case basis.

Time Contributions


Corporate business executives participate in semi-annual CAB meetings, helping to influence SpectrumX’s governance, education/workforce/policy strategies, and research project directions.
Corporate technical experts, with deep spectrum-related knowledge of applied research topics, roadmaps, standards, and future needs, are encouraged to participate in forward-looking Research Working Groups (meeting monthly), Research Project Teams (biweekly meetings), and semi-annual Center Meetings and events.

Interested leaders and subject matter experts are encouraged to review the CAB Brochure and the CAB Membership Agreement for more information. To initiate the membership process, please contact the SpectrumX Collaboration Director Dr. Josh Tullis through our Get Involved form).

Additional Contribution Opportunities

Showcase a product/technology or create a center of excellence at one or more of our member institutions.
Sponsor undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctoral fellowships in targeted fields and topics of study. Our member institutions can help accelerate your workforce development goals.
Fund a new research project individually or via a partnership (either proprietary or pre-competitive in nature).
Direct additional resources to accelerate an existing project, leveraging one of our established, multi-institutional project teams composed of nationally-recognized subject matter experts.