Radio Shop Chat / 6G and the Exploration of New and Additional Spectrum above 100GHz

We want to thank Roger Nichols, 6G Program Manager for Keysight Technologies, Inc. for presenting 6G and the Exploration of New and Additional Spectrum above 100GHz as part of the Radio Shop Chat Series. His presentation provided an overview of how Keysight sees the move to 6G impacting the demand for spectrum from 100 to 400 GHz. In addition, he highlighted the measurement challenges we face for materials, radio channels, components, and systems, including interoperability and co-existence.

Nichols’ 37 years of engineering and management experience in wireless design and measurement at Hewlett-Packard, Agilent, and Keysight Technologies spans R&D, marketing, and manufacturing roles. He has managed projects, programs, and departments beginning with analog cellular radio and on every subsequent standard evolving to 6G. He directed Keysight’s 5G program starting in 2014 and Keysight’s 6G program beginning in 2019. He is also the director of Keysight’s work in wireless standards.

Professor Monisha Ghosh, SpectrumX’s Policy Outreach Director, who invited Roger to participate in the Radio Shop Chats, appreciated the dialogue between Nichols and those who attended. “We need to work together on identifying what inference in these bands, between passive and active users, will look like as we continue to push the boundaries of spectrum usage for these applications,” said Ghosh. “We appreciate Roger coming and starting this dialogue with SpectumX.”

The SpectrumX Radio Shop Chats are a collegial debate on the pressing issues and optimal model for managing spectrum, as a complex interplay among technology, economics, law, and policy. All Radio Shop Chats are held under the Chatham House Rule.

Roger Nichols’ Presentation and Slides: