Recording, presentation slides available for Radio Shop Chat featuring Aleksandar Damnjanovic of Qualcomm

SpectrumX’s Radio Shop Chat series regularly features speakers from across the electrical engineering, telecommunications, and spectrum sciences presenting on pressing topics and areas of innovation. On May 30, 2023, Aleksandar Damnjanovic, Principal Engineer and Manager, Qualcomm, joined the series presenting “Technological innovations and spectrum for future wireless networks.” Qualcomm is now one of SpectrumX’s collaborating partners.

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About the Radio Shop Chat:

Provided by Aleksandar Damnjanovic

Abstract: New spectrum matched with new technology is crucial for the future wireless growth. Looking forward to new 6G technological advances, Qualcomm is working on Giga-MIMO technology to leverage expansion to new upper mid-band (e.g., 7-16 GHz) spectrum for wide-area, high-capacity broadband service. In addition, Sub-THz (i.e., 100+ GHz) spectrum is considered for its extreme bandwidth for the new class of fixed wireless services (e.g., fronthaul, data center comm., positioning, …). Qualcomm’s spectrum innovations target identification of new spectrum opportunities for 6G networks. While spectrum is scarce, it can often be under-utilized, which presents an opportunity to improve utilization and efficiency through sharing. We are advancing novel spectrum sharing technologies that can realize new levels of utilization and efficiency.  Coordinated spectrum sharing among multiple entities can maximize usable capacity while preserving service quality. Open fronthaul interface standardized in O-RAN, can be leveraged to improve spectrum utilization and sustainability and lead to greater socio-economic benefits.
Speaker bio: Aleksandar D. Damnjanovic received Doctor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the George Washington University in 2000. He joined Ericsson Wireless Communications Inc in San Diego in 2000, where he worked on cdma2000 base station controller development. In 2003, he joined Qualcomm Inc, San Diego, where he has worked on 3G, 4G and 5G design,  prototyping and standardization in 3GPP and ETSI BRAN. His research interests include interference management, medium access, shared spectrum, network MIMO, AI/ML for wireless, cooperative communications, and private and relay networks. He is currently leading 6G spectrum research and studying techniques for more efficient use of spectrum and sharing with other technologies.