Recording, presentation slides available for Radio Shop Chat featuring Gregory Hellbourg, of Caltech and Owens Valley Radio Observatory

By SpectrumX

SpectrumX’s Radio Shop Chat series regularly features speakers from across the electrical engineering, telecommunications, and spectrum sciences presenting on pressing topics and areas of innovation. On June 27, 2023, Gregory Hellbourg, Scientist and Spectrum Manager at Caltech and Owens Valley Radio Observatory, joined the series presenting “The Deep Synoptic Array DSA-2000.”

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About the Radio Shop Chat:

Provided by Gregory Hellbourg

Abstract: The Deep Synoptic Array (DSA-2000) is a planned innovative radio telescope made of 2000 5m-dish antennas located in the Nevada (USA) desert spread over a 15 x 19 km area (projected construction in 2024). The telescope will span 700 MHz to 2 GHz with an instantaneous field-of-view of 10.6 deg2. Its design is centered around the concept of Radio Camera, involving a streamlined data processing pipeline – which includes data correlation, calibration, Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) flagging, and gridding – to achieve a real-time production of nearly-fully sampled radio images every 15 minutes at a sensitivity of 1 μJy per hour of integration, and at a spatial resolution of 3.5 arcsec. As any radio telescope, the DSA-2000 will also be sensitive to active spectrum users and will embed a multi-layer protection against RFI, including real-time flaggers at the individual antenna and cross-correlation levels.

“I will provide in this presentation an overview of the project, with a focus on its resilience against RFI in a challenging spectral window,” said Hellbourg.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Gregory Hellbourg is Staff Scientist at the Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), and the spectrum manager of the Owens Valley Radio Observatory. His expertise lies in signal processing and RFI detection, mitigation, and system design for radio astronomy, and in spectrum management for passive scientific services. Prior to Caltech, Dr. Hellbourg held positions at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research in Perth, Australia, at Radio Astronomy Lab at the University of California, Berkeley, and at the Space and Astronomy Department of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Sydney, Australia.