SpectrumX research partner comments on the “battle over spectrum supremacy”

A recent article published in the technology magazine IEEE Spectrum focused on the clash of U.S. billionaires over spectrum resources.

The article, “SpaceX and Dish’s super-shady war for the world, or, why three billionaires are girding for battle over spectrum supremacy – why it matters,” was published on July 15, 2022.

It shed light on the economic and political considerations in play when companies like SpaceX and Dish Network launch 5G wireless services. It also assessed the potential impact from a technological, financial, and ethical perspective. Michael Dumiak, author of the news article and a frequent contributor to IEEE Spectrum, writes from Berlin about science and culture.

Among the experts quoted in the article is Thomas Hazlett, a research partner with SpectrumX.

Hazlett, who is the H.H. Macaulay Endowed Professor in Economics and Director of the Information Economy Project at Clemson University, commented that in the United States “Rights to use frequencies have not been sharply defined, and the overlapping permits generate controversy.”

Hazlett explained that “How the conflicts are resolved in the USA will materially affect markets around the world.”

SpectrumX and its partners are dedicated to finding the balance that can be achieved through innovative advancements in both policy and technology on the radio frequency spectrum.

“With the increasing importance of the wireless economy, the SpectrumX project is well-positioned to stimulate key research on vital social issues,” noted Hazlett. “From essential mobile communications on earth to scientific explorations on the frontiers of outer space, new challenges over how to best pursue our use of radio frequencies are constantly arising. It is an exciting time to participate in the discoveries – and subsequent policy debates – altering society from ground zero to the heavens above.”

The full article on IEEE Spectrum can be found here: https://spectrum.ieee.org/amp/spacex-starlink-dish-network-2657675795

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