Taylor Barton

Research Partner

Associate Professor • Lockheed Martin Junior Faculty Fellow

Dr. Barton’s RF Power and Analog Laboratory investigates engineering challenges related to RF and microwave active circuit design, specifically in RF front-ends for communications, imaging, and telemetry applications in both commercial and defense spaces. The growing importance of these areas is tied to rising costs of energy and an interest in global energy consumption reduction, underscoring the need for development of energy-efficient systems. A major driving application is next-generation 5G radio, which has motivated increased interest in MIMO systems that also translates to defense applications such as phased array systems. Dr. Barton’s research has concentrated on three primary areas: (1) energy-efficient power amplifier (PA) design, (2) analog techniques for signal generation and linearization, and (3) integrated PA sensing and adaptation techniques. The combination of these technologies can result in efficient ‘smart’ transmitters able to adapt to environmental changes.