Tullis Named Managing Program Director

SpectrumX today announces that Dr. Josh Tullis has been named its Managing Program Director. Tullis will help establish the center’s headquarters in the Wireless Institute at the University of Notre Dame.

Tullis, a double Notre Dame graduate (’96 BS, ’99 PhD), has been with the university since 2017, most recently as the Senior Director for Corporate Relations. Josh brings with him a unique blend of experiences ranging from technical research to entrepreneurial real estate development and academic/corporate partnership building. 

“I am honored for the opportunity to join this incredible team of researchers, here at the University of Notre Dame and across our 27 partnering universities,” said Dr. Josh Tullis, Managing Program Director of SpectrumX. “Recent, high-profile news events involving wireless spectrum punctuate the need for coordination, collaboration and innovation to achieve maximum benefit from this vital and scarce resource.”

Given Josh’s research background, he connects with and understands the dynamics of faculty-led research. In addition, he has the gift of synthesizing and articulating the research life cycle to a corporate audience. Tullis works with corporations to determine their needs, both in research and corporate social responsibility, while aligning those needs with the university. His combination of research knowledge and business expertise will benefit SpectrumX in navigating the ecosystem among all spectrum stakeholders. 

“After working with Josh for the past several years in his Corporate Relations roles, we are elated to bring him onto our team full time to help us execute on our ambitious plans,” said Dr. Nick Laneman, Center Director of SpectrumX and Co-Director of ND Wireless. “We are also extremely grateful to Derek Lake, who has helped us launch SpectrumX as Interim Managing Program Director, and who will work closely with Josh as he takes on the permanent role.”

SpectrumX—initiated by a recent 5-year, $25M center grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation—is the world’s largest academic hub where all radio spectrum stakeholders (including academic researchers, and industry and government collaborators) can innovate, collaborate, and contribute to maximizing the societal benefits provided by this precious resource. The University of Notre Dame serves as the lead institution for SpectrumX among many top universities and their industry and government partners.