SpectrumX and Wireless Innovation Forum announce new partnership

By Christina Clark

Today, the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) Spectrum Innovation Center, SpectrumX, announces its new partnership with the Wireless Innovation Forum, or WInnForum. Through this partnership, WInnForum has joined NSF SpectrumX’s Collaboration Advisory Board (CAB), through which its leadership will provide industry perspectives on the center’s research, policy outreach, and educational activities. SpectrumX has also joined WInnForum, enabling its researchers from 30 member institutions to  contribute to WInnForum working groups, task groups, and special interest groups.

WInnForum was established in 1996, and is an international group of diverse vendors, developers, providers, organizations, stakeholders and regulators who share the common goal of supporting the innovation and development of wireless communication systems. It has led development of standards in three areas of wireless technology and spectrum innovation, including software-defined radio (SDR), Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum sharing, and Automatic Frequency Coordination (AFC) in the 6 GHz band.

“This partnership is a critical step for SpectrumX to create an academic hub in the radio spectrum ecosystem that translates research into useful technology and policy options,” says Nick Laneman, Center Director for SpectrumX. “The bi-directional engagement we are envisioning between WInnForum and SpectrumX will help us continue to focus our activities, enhance both sets of working groups, and work together to elevate spectrum discussions nationwide.”

The partnership brings together the strengths of both organizations: collaboration.

“SpectrumX and its membership bring deep scientific and engineering expertise to the partnership,” said Dr. Andrew Clegg of Google, who serves as WInnForum Chief Technical Officer. “WInnForum’s industry members will benefit from new ideas and research from the SpectrumX team, enhancing the innovation aspect of WInnForum’s mission.”

Organizations that join the CAB support SpectrumX’s research, education and workforce development, and policy outreach efforts by:

  • Presenting challenges and industry needs to the SpectrumX community. This can be done in internal meetings, as well as openly at center and collaboration meetings.
  • Participating in SpectrumX meetings and events, attending in-person, virtually, or reviewing recordings if unable to attend. The agreement also opens the door for researchers and students to visit CAB facilities, and vice versa, to build relationships and knowledge of needs, challenges, and innovations.
  • Interacting with SpectrumX community members from research partners and leadership to SpectrumX affiliated students. CAB members are also encouraged to review interim and annual reports to learn more about the research being conducted and achieved through the SpectrumX Center.

SpectrumX Collaboration Advisory Board invites applications from interested organizations on a rolling basis. Please visit SpectrumX’s website to learn more about getting involved with the center.

To learn more about the Wireless Innovation Forum and membership benefits, please visit https://www.WirelessInnovation.org.

About SpectrumX

SpectrumX is funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) as part of its Spectrum Innovation Initiative, under grant number AST 21-32700. SpectrumX is the world’s largest academic hub where all radio spectrum stakeholders can innovate, collaborate, and contribute to maximizing social welfare of this precious resource.

To learn more about SpectrumX, please visit spectrumx.org.

Christina Clark, Research Communications Specialist
SpectrumX / Notre Dame Research / University of Notre Dame
cclark26@nd.edu / 574.631.2665