SpectrumX announces formal partnership with Aira Technologies

By Christina Clark

Recently, SpectrumX formalized the formation of the SpectrumX Collaboration Advisory Board (CAB). SpectrumX is pleased to announce that Aira Technologies has joined its CAB.

Founded in 2019, Aira Technologies is radically re-imagining wireless communications using artificial intelligence (AI). Aira is using this data-driven, AI-powered approach to fundamentally improve the performance and the energy efficiency of the Radio Access Network (RAN).

“SpectrumX is so excited to have Aira Technologies join its Collaboration Advisory Board. Aira brings real-world industry AI and ML expertise to our academic spectrum community, enabling everyone to share perspectives and prioritize our policy and research, and education for the next spectrum innovators,” said Josh Tullis, SpectrumX managing and collaboration director.

The collaboration will enable Aira Technologies to share information about spectrum challenges with spectrum researchers to improve problem solving and research.

“Spectrum is the most valuable resource in wireless communication. Aira’s xAPP and rAPP solutions improve the spectral efficiency and energy efficiency of the RAN network and directly contribute to making the most efficient use of the spectrum in the cellular domain. I’m excited to bring our experience and expertise to SpectrumX and I look forward to collaborating with and learning from the community,” said Ravikiran Gopalan, co-founder and CTO of Aira Technologies. 

Organizations that join the CAB support SpectrumX’s research, education and workforce development efforts by:

  • Presenting challenges and industry needs to the SpectrumX community. This can be done in Research Project Team meetings, in meetings with certain members of the center, as well as formally at center and collaboration meetings.
  • Participating in SpectrumX meetings and events, attending in-person, virtually, or reviewing recordings if unable to attend. The agreement also opens the door for researchers and students to visit CAB facilities, and vice versa, to build relationships and knowledge of needs, challenges, and innovations.
  • Interacting with SpectrumX community members from research partners and leadership to SpectrumX affiliated students. CAB members are also encouraged to review interim and annual reports to learn more about the research being conducted and achieved through the SpectrumX Center.

SpectrumX Collaboration Advisory Board is considering applications from interested organizations on a rolling basis. Please visit SpectrumX’s Get Involved page to learn more about getting involved with the center.

About SpectrumX

SpectrumX is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) as part of its Spectrum Innovation Initiative, under grant number AST 21-32700. SpectrumX is the world’s largest academic hub where all radio spectrum stakeholders can innovate, collaborate, and contribute to maximizing social welfare of this precious resource.

To learn more about SpectrumX, please visit spectrumx.org.

Christina Clark, Research Communications Specialist
SpectrumX / Notre Dame Research / University of Notre Dame
cclark26@nd.edu / 574.631.2665